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No middle ground for medium-sized content

Praise the Lord and cue the jazz hands! The term 'snackable content' appears to be on its last legs.

Because mid-sized content is being squeezed out by the two content formats increasingly resonating with audiences; micro and maxi. Which is curious given tht best practice nominates the mid-range 500 word count as the magic number for what makes the stickiest of stories.

The trouble is, people are getting increasingly tired of regurgitated mid-sized promotional puff pieces masquerading as authentic narratives that do little more than put the buy into by-line.

Another factor for the increased shareability of longer-form content is SEO, thanks to Google favouring posts of 2,000+ words on its front page.

Even Buzzfeed is on record as saying that longer form content is more likely to be shared by its 130 million+ visitors these days.

Bookend that with the exponential growth of micro-content, beit tweets, 6 second Vines, Snapchats and graphic 'blipverts' and it would seem that when it comes to arriving at the right length for compelling content, the middle ground has taken a left at no man's land.

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