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10 reasons why listicles are 6 feet under

1. They fuel drive-thru 'thintelligence'. A low IQ will do to write one, an even lower IQ to read it.

2. Banality rules. No one wants to read '25 reasons why climate change is going to kill us'.

3. They inform but infrequently enlighten because they're too short to convey any real meaning.

4. They're the laziest form of writing because they plagiarise content and don't require a narrative, structure or flow.

5. Listicle is such a stupid name.

6. They're hastening our short attention ... sorry, where was I? Oh yes ... spans.

7. One word ... cats! No two ... more cats.

8. Their infernal looping GIFS of bad 90s sitcom stars to add a dash of 'humour', take ages to load.

9. 76% of listicles are highly subjective (including this statistic).

10. Even the Listicle Death Star, Buzzfeed, has moved on.

Yes indeed, when it comes to listicles, their number's definitely up.

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