Vanessa Ronan-Pearce Head of Business, Fairfax Events

Having worked with Lucia at The Newspaper Works and been impressed with her marketing nouse and turn of phrase, it was an easy decision to engage Creighton Ward to develop The Australian Financial Review Business Summit's brand. Lucia worked on the design identity and content narratives and has been integral in creating a fresh, unique application of the existing brand to launch this flagship event. Lucia's contribution as a steering committee member has also added a valuable and informed external voice. Lucia has once again demonstrated her professionalism, insights, creativity, reliability and on-point execution.

Manuela Curzon Enterprise, Corporate & Govt Marketing, Australia Post

Australia Post has engaged Lucia to write white papers on international speakers for our B2B Business Lounge website at recent business forums and we couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Lucia's approach to briefing was thorough and we especially liked her writing style because it not only captured the content with precision but added other relevant facts and insights. Lucia's delivery was also quick and to brief. The whole experience was great and I would certainly recommend Lucia.

Richard de Nys Founder, Award Force/Tectonic Digital

I've worked with Lucia across a range of projects. Lucia is a genuinely creative brand marketer with quick-thinking analytical skills and an eye for quailty. Having Lucia on a project brings confidence of a fine result. Her sense of humour and strong communication skills also make her an absolute pleasure to work with. 

I've had the honour of working with Lucia on three occasions so far.  She is a very rare talent. Lucia integrates traditional marketing disciplines with cutting-edge digital solutions. She combines logical thinking with creative flair, diplomacy with a desire to push the boundaries and collaboration with being a self-starter. I certainly hope I get the opportunity to work with Lucia for a fourth time. 

Miles Toomey, General Manager, Sales & Marketing  Cleanseas

CleanSeas appointed Creighton Ward in 2014 to conceive, develop and deploy a broad range of content for our flagship brand, Hiramasa Kingfish. Lucia has worked closely with us on strategy and activation for both local and international markets across social media, promotions and video and blog content amongst others. Lucia has proven to be extremely reliable, innovative, as well as pro-active in recommending potential initiatives.

Rochelle Burbury Principal, Third Avenue PR

Lucia is not only a brilliant strategist but also has the ability to develop creative ideas for challenging projects that produce tangible results. She is a natural leader, organised, always professional and manages to maintain her keen sense of humour throughout. 

Lucia has a rare blend of talents; natural communicator, strategic thinker and storyteller combined with strong conceptual ability. She is an astute, insight-focused marketer, skilled in simplifying the complex. All this combined witih her keen creative eye, innate leadership ability, professionalism and sense of humour makes her the perfect collaborator on any marketing and communications challenge. A pleasure to work with and a real asset on any project, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lucia and Creighton Ward.

Greg Natale Founder, Greg Natale Design

Creighton Ward worked closely with us to create the Greg Natale brand vision and the marketing plans in the lead-up to the launch of my first book, The Tailored InteriorLucia identified opportunities to leverage partner relationships and developed the content strategy and activation for our broad range of product launches which directly followed the book's launch. I can thoroughly recommend Lucia for her insight, creativity, energy and professionalism.  

Tony O'Halloran Marketing Strategy Manager, Mission Australia

Having worked with and known Lucia for more than a decade now, I've long admired her ability to fluidly move from being a leader, to a partner, to a team player. The value she brings is a powerful sense of positive energy, simplifying the complex and outcome orientation. If I had to pick a partner in crime to get a job done to excellence, it would be hard to find equal to Lucia. 

Mark Hollands CEO, NewsMedia Works

Lucia helped establish The Newspaper Works as a true industry body and played a pivotal role in its biggest media launch of recent times (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia). Throughout, Lucia demonstrated the highest level of professionalism. Her analysis of challenges and focus on desired outcomes was exceptional. With a background in creative agencies and client management, Lucia was the organisation’s most important executive in communicating with newspaper publishers at all levels of management, and generating their support for various initiatives. 

Jules Hall Managing Partner,The Hallway

Reflecting on why Enhanced Media Metrics Australia launched successfully, one continually comes back to the critical role played by Lucia at The Newspaper Works. Outstanding stakeholder management probably tops the list along with her support of the creative work. This is a testament to her ability to visualise the end product at concept stage - a surprisingly rare capability. We're incredibly proud of the work we created together and have huge respect for Lucia's leadership, marketing and creative abilities. 

Mal Dale General Manager, The Readership Works

Enhanced Media Metrics Australia is the most significant initiative by the publishing industry in decades. Its launch was incredibly complex and Lucia was instrumental at The Newspaper Works in establishing a compelling and ultimately very well-received campaign platform and execution. Throughout Lucia's professionalism and consistent devotion to the integrity of the end goal was remarkable.